Ada language is widely used in military and aeronautic fields but it is more and more dificult to find Ada compilers for specific targets like DSPs, micro-controlers. That's why it is progressively replaced by others languages like C and C++.

New applications are often written by using previous application sources which must be converted to the new language chosen. This translation is long, tedious and consequently expensive. So it can be interesting to have an automatic translation solution to accelerate this transition.

The aim of Adatoccpptranslator is to automate translation from Ada to C and C++ languages.

Adatoccpptranslator doesn't translate all the code but tries to translate it as best as possible to obtain C/C++ code with the fewest bugs possible and whose execution is as near as possible to the original Ada program execution.
The objective is to have no errors in the automatically translated part of the code so that the user doesn't need to check the translated code. So he just needs to translate the parts of the code which are not treated by Adatoccpptranslator.

New software releases will allow the automatic translation rate to be increased to minimize the manual correction needed after automatic translation.